That may be true, thus the reason for Reportam.com.ng. We started this platform to help change and improve on customer service in Nigeria. We would do this by promoting companies that offer good customer service and expose companies that do not. Join the campaign for change. Start today by writing a new report.

Simple, you post reports about a good or bad customer experience using any of the following means:

We then contact the company to enable them respond or resolve the issue.

Read more about at how it works and benefits of using reportam.com.ng

Reportam.com.ng strongly recommends customers to get in touch with the Company to get a resolution as a first step. However if the issue remains unresolved, we encourage you to post a report on www.reportam.com.ng.

NO, we do not display any personal information on our platform. You will only be identified by your chosen username as provided during registration. Companies will also never address you by your real name when responding to your report.

When you post a report, we would contact the responsible company to inform them. We also create awareness on social media platforms about your report. In addition, our website is indexed by Google, Yahoo and other search engines; therefore, your report gets the required attention which could lead to it being addressed by the company and could result in a suitable resolution, a letter of apology or even compensation.

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No! Reportam.com.ng appreciates and encourages reports complimenting Companies. Our main goal is to promote good customer services in Nigeria.

If the report is about a Responsive Company, you should get a response from the Company within 24hrs and proposed resolution in 72hrs.

Yes, if the report is about a Responsive Company. All Responsive Companies are committed to responding within 24hrs to all reports and provide a resolution within 72hours.

No, if the report is about an Unresponsive Company. We however encourage customers to post reports about Unresponsive Companies or any other Company. The more reports posted, the more the visibility of the reports which of course would encourage the Companies to register to become Responsive Companies. Also, all companies will have access to reports published before they become Responsive Companies and would have the opportunity to propose a resolution.

YES, if you are the author of the report, you will have an opportunity to rate the Companies’ response when providing feedback. This option is mandatory if you have to reply back to the Company. We kindly ask Customers to rate and provide feedback which will be directed to the Company of concern.

It is FREE to post a report, download our mobile app and to use reportam.com.ng


You can do the following:

  • Write a new report

  • View all reports

  • View Company ratings

  • View Company analysis

  • Compare Company ratings

  • Discuss and leave comments on a report

  • Forward reports via email

  • Tweet a report

  • View list of Alternative Companies to an Unresponsive Company

  • View list of all Responsive Companies

  • View list of all Un-Responsive Companies

  • Get facts about customer service

  • Tell others and win free airtime

All these will give you more information about companies, services and products to help you make better informed purchase and business decisions.

Also, by reporting, you are helping others avoid the same mistake and pitfalls.

No, if you intend to do the following:

  • View all reports

  • View Company ratings

  • View Company analysis

  • Compare Company ratings

  • Discuss and leave comments on a report.

  • Forward reports via email

  • Tweet a report

  • Post a report on your Facebook timeline

  • View list of Alternative Responsive Companies to an Unresponsive Company

  • View list of all Responsive Companies

  • View list of all Un-Responsive Companies

YES, if you intend to write a new report.

Reportam.com.ng seeks to promote unhindered access to information for all, hence you are able to use most features on our platform without having to register or login.

Simply tell us about your personal experience. However your report:

  • Must be a real life experience.

  • Must not contain foul language including swearing, violent or coarse words. Language used must also not have any sexist or racial undertone.

  • Must be written by the customer who had the experience. No proxies allowed.

  • Should be straight forward, simple and understandable.

  • Must be constructive, with the intent for possible resolution by the Responsive Company.

  • Must be written with a positive intent to helping consumers receive better service in the future or to help the company provide a better product or service.

  • Must not be directed at an individual for personal revenge, victimization or as a vicious attack

  • Must not be based solely on personal ethical values (eg political, religious or cultural belief) as against an actual service experience.

  • Must not contain defamatory statements or violation of applicable law.

  • Must not violate Companies' rights, Intellectual property rights, or rights of privacy.

All reports will remain on Reportam.com.ng for 12 months after which the report expires and is removed.

Reportam.com.ng DOES NOT remove reports until it expires after 12months. However, some reports may have violated our rules and we retain the right to remove such reports. We may remove your report for the following reasons:

  • It was not based on a real life experience.

  • We have evidence that the reporter is a competitor of the Company being reported.

  • It is directed at an individual as a vicious attack, personal revenge or victimization.

  • It is based solely on personal ethical values (eg political, religious or cultural belief as against an actual service experience.

  • It contains defamatory statements or violation of applicable law.

  • It violates the reported Companies' rights, Intellectual property rights, or rights of privacy.

  • Your report is written for marketing intent or purposes.

  • You are currently employed or an ex-employee of the company being reported.

  • You are the company owner of the company being reported.

  • You are a close relative, friend, associate or staff of the company being reported.

  • Report containing foul words, swearing, use of violent, coarse language, and use of words with sexist or racial undertone.

  • Report is abusive, hateful, unlawful, threatening, sexist, degrading, fraudulent, abusive, harmful, hateful, harassing, indecent, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, racial, ethnical or objectionable.

Yes, you can download our Mobile app: Apple IOS and Android. The Mobile App provides an easy access to view reports, update your report and write a new report.

Our Android app includes a unique feature that prompts you to post a report about a company anytime you call the company’s number on your phone.

Yes, you can comment about a report using Facebook and other commenting systems provided. Kindly note that comments are not sent to the Companies, thus they are not obliged to respond. If you have a similar experience and you want the Company to know about it, simply write a report about your incident.

Click View rating table on the home page or menu. Here, Companies with highest Compliments, Companies with lowest Complaints and Companies with highest SWITCH rate are listed. You can also compare up to 20 companies on the same page.

Yes, you can include additional evidence like documents, pictures or photos if it relates to your report. We kindly ask that confidential documents should not be included in reports. E.g. Credit card details.

Great! If you are happy with the resolution, you can SWITCH the Complaint to a Compliment, increase the star rating and post a comment about the great service! Reportam.com.ng is happy to hear about such.

All Responsive companies get a copy of a report about them immediately it is published.

We promise to make adequate efforts to ensure Unresponsive and other Companies are duly informed about your reports, using every means necessary. However, this should not deter you; we will continuously make every effort to ensure being a Responsive Company is the standard for every company in Nigeria.


Reportam.com.ng cannot guarantee a resolution to your complaint.

Responsive Companies are committed to responding within 24hrs to all reports and propose a resolution within 72hrs. However, bear in mind that resolutions differ on the nature of complaint and customer. If you have not received a resolution in 2 weeks, kindly contact us via email quoting the report ID.

No, Reportam.com.ng will publish your report as it is; however our systems have intelligence to truncate foul words used in reports. Customers are totally accountable for the truthfulness, completeness and accuracy of their reports.

All Responsive Companies get a copy of your report immediately they are published.

We would endeavor to forward reports to Unresponsive Companies if and when we have their contact details.

Unfortunately you cannot change your report once it has been submitted.

Kindly inform us if you have not received a response from a RESPONSIVE Company after 2 weeks, we would follow up to know why. Kindly remember to quote the Report ID.

Reportam.com.ng may remove Companies from the list of Responsive Companies if found not to be adhering to their commitment with regards to prompt response and resolution to Complaints.

Great, we love to hear of such situations!

We would like other customers to have access to the initial complaint report before it was resolved to show the great effort made by company to satisfy the customer. We also don’t want to encourage companies to threaten or bride customers to remove their reports.

All reports will remain on our platform for 12months from the day it was published.

Revenue from Ads is used to keep our site running. We do not directly control ads that appear on our site, neither do we directly solicit Ads from companies. Advertisement placed on our site does not in any way signify or indicate our support, guarantee or endorsement of such company, product or services.

Reportam sincerely apologises for such inconveniences. If such instances occur, please send us an email info@reportam.com.ng quoting your name and mobile number; we would get it resolved as soon as possible.

No, we are unable to do so, kindly register and write a report on Reportam.com.ng.

No, we are unable to share contact details of the author of reports.

While viewing the report, click the option to request permission. Provide more information about your media organisation, intention; why and how you intend to use this report.

Reportam.com.ng will then contact the author of the report, If the author authorizes us; we would forward his/her details to you via email.

Company FAQ

Simply register on our platform. We will contact you for additional verification if required. Once this is completed, your account is activated.

All Responsive Companies MUST agree and commit to responding to all customer complaints within 24hrs and also propose a resolution within 72hrs. Reportam.com.ng would class any company not adhering to this as an Unresponsive Company.

All Responsive Companies MUST agree to our Terms and Conditions.

  • View reports about your company

  • Respond to reports

  • Automatically show your reports on your website

  • Integrate reportam.com.ng into your e-commerce website to take feedback and rate products.

  • Show your customer service/satisfaction ranking on your website

  • Extract and analyse reports

  • View reportam.com.ng analysis of your company

  • View rating table

  • Compare your Company performance against competitors

  • Get listed as an alternative to your competitors if they are unresponsive

  • Promote your company and brand name by integrating your brand logo, contact details and description on our platform

  • Order Reportam.com.ng branded stickers, plaques and promotional merchandise.

Read more at how it works and benefits of using reportam.com.ng

Reportam.com.ng can be integrated into your website to collect product reviews and customer feedback after purchases on your behalf. It is likely that your customers will be honest about reviews submitted to a third party like reportam.com.ng. Kindly contact us if you are interested in this feature.

Yes, all Responsive Company will be able to post reports about themselves on their website immediately the reports are published on reportam.com.ng.

Login using your Companies’ access, then follow the link and instruction on the tools menu.

Responsive Companies can automatically publish their status as a “Responsive Company” as well as their Overall Rating / Star Shield Rating on their website. The Rating is dynamically updated on Reportam.com.ng and published on all Responsive Companies Website.

This feature is accessible through the tool menu for Company access. Simply follow the instructions.

Also, Reportam.com.ng will give out special plaques to Responsive Companies quarterly, which can be displayed in offices or storefronts.

Responsive Companies will also get specially branded Stickers that can be displayed at offices and storefronts.

Open the report, click on link to report as 'False' or 'Inappropriate', choose the applicable option, provide more information and evidence to support your claim and a member of our team will get in touch to investigate the issue. If the evidence is compelling and the outcome of the investigation confirms same, the report will be removed.

All responsive companies get automatic alerts via email or SMS immediately a report is published about them. The report will also show on the reportam.com.ng dashboard for Company Administrators and Agents.

You can add report notification recipients under Quick links in Company Account.


Open any report about your company; provide a response in the allocated space and submit. Company responses are published immediately. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE REAL NAMES OF CUSTOMERS IN YOUR RESPONSES.

All responsive Companies can compare their performance on reportam.com.ng with other Companies. Login using a Company account, click on “Compare Company rating” under Quick links and follow the instructions.

No. Reportam.com.ng does not offer any service to help Companies respond to reports.

Kindly report such cases to us with evidence. If after investigation, we confirm such occurrences, we would block such customers from posting report about your company or even blocked from using our platform.

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